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About Us

Each candle is a work of art. Our candles are second to none. These candles set the mood for a calm, soothing sense of  Utopia while you watch the glow of the most beautiful  candle that you have ever seen. Their beauty is our passion. I started making candles in 1969. Each candle is carefully crafted by hand in Grand Haven so no 2 are alike. Hand crafting of our Nautical Candles takes up to 6 days. Our candles are Grand Haven’s top pick for the most elegant souvenirs. People use our candles for more then a light. Grand Haven Candle Company’s candles make fabulous center pieces & decorations. They are perfect one of a kind gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, graduations, ‘Thinking of you’ gifts, 'I am sorry' gift, 'Congratulations' gift & any special occasion!

4 grand haven candle company.jpg

This Good Life candle has already burned for 34 non-continual hours & still have many hours left


This Relaxing on the Beach has burnt for 26 non-continual hours.

This Musical Fountain candle burned for 27 non-continual hours


We cannot guarantee how long your candle will burn. Each candle  is individually made by hand which gives our candles many variables.  The times which these candles have burned is to be used as a guide line only. We can guarantee the uniqueness and beauty of each Grand Haven Candle Company. ENJOY

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